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More reviews:

Chicago Center for Literature and Photography: reviewed by Jason Pettus:

Featuring a style that can best be called “blue-collar poetry,” with information that is very slowly and very deliberately dolloped out bit by bit over 375 pages, this is an easily readable, page-turning genre thriller that doubles as a smart and philosophical indie-lit novel; and although admittedly you’re going to have to already be a fan of post-apocalyptic stories to really love this one, if you are then this is an absolute must-have, one of the better books of this genre that I’ve ever read.

Huffington Post: 10 Women Authors You Should Read Who Published After Age 40, by Jillian Capewell:

This style takes its full form in Dibbell’s first novel, The Only Ones, published in 2015, one month before her 70th birthday. “It is a life-changing event to have work I’ve put so much into about to head out in the world . . .” she told Two Dollar Radio, her publisher, in a Q&A. “I think about the shape of a life with this late-breaking twist. It is very, very sweet. It also would have been sweet at 60. Even 50.”