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Carola Dibbell’s novel The Only Ones was cited in Dazed & Confused‘s Who should you be reading in 2015?:

Carola Dibbell’s 2015 novel The Only Ones looks utterly thrilling — another ace title from Two Dollar Radio. Inez, the protagonist, is immune to disease in a world ravaged by illness. Her reproductive abilities are harnessed for commercial purposes, but things, inevitably, go weird and wrong.

BuzzFeed’s 27 Most Exciting New Books of 2015

BuzzFeed staff writer Jarry Lee included Carola Dibbell’s novel, The Only Ones, in her 27 Of The Most Exciting New Books Of 2015:

Carola Dibbell’s The Only Ones introduces a post-pandemic world where a woman immune to the disease, Inez, makes her living as a test subject. When a mother backs out on experimental genetic research, Inez is left responsible for her baby girl, who is a scientific breakthrough, and must protect her from both religious fanatics and the authorities.

Library Journal

From: Library Journal,
25 Key Indie Fiction Titles, Fall 2014-Winter 2015


Dibbell, Carola. The Only Ones. Two Dollar Radio. Mar. 2015. 344p. ISBN 9781937512279. pap. $16.99.

Dibbell, who worked as a music critic at the Village Voice for many years, has published fiction in venues like The New Yorker and the Paris Review. Her debut novel features a young woman immune from disease in a devastated post-pandemic world who volunteers to provide genetic material to a mother who lost four daughters. Here’s a shout-out to Two Dollar Radio for doing some wonderful work.