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Queens Book Festival, Sunday August 7

Carola Dibbell will be at the Queens Book Festival on Sunday, August 7, at Kaufman Studios, Astoria (R train to Astoria). Carola will be on a panel at 12 PM called “Expanding the Landscape of Fantasy and YA Imagination” with Daniel Jose Older and Andrew J Peters, moderated by Dominique Taylor — Panel 2 on the YA stage

Robert Christgau will also be at the Festival, on a panel at 1 PM called “Memoirs and the New York Scene” with graffiti artist Louie “KR.ONE” Gasparro — Panel 3 at Queens Literary Salon.

More Reviews

More reviews:

Chicago Center for Literature and Photography: reviewed by Jason Pettus:

Featuring a style that can best be called “blue-collar poetry,” with information that is very slowly and very deliberately dolloped out bit by bit over 375 pages, this is an easily readable, page-turning genre thriller that doubles as a smart and philosophical indie-lit novel; and although admittedly you’re going to have to already be a fan of post-apocalyptic stories to really love this one, if you are then this is an absolute must-have, one of the better books of this genre that I’ve ever read.

Huffington Post: 10 Women Authors You Should Read Who Published After Age 40, by Jillian Capewell:

This style takes its full form in Dibbell’s first novel, The Only Ones, published in 2015, one month before her 70th birthday. “It is a life-changing event to have work I’ve put so much into about to head out in the world . . .” she told Two Dollar Radio, her publisher, in a Q&A. “I think about the shape of a life with this late-breaking twist. It is very, very sweet. It also would have been sweet at 60. Even 50.”

Brooklyn Book Festival, Sept. 20

Carola Dibbell will appear on the New Brave World panel at the Brooklyn Book Festival on Saturday, September 20. The panel will include readings and conversation with Laura van den Berg and Andrew Ervin. It will be on the North Stage at 5PM. For more info, see this link.

Robert Christgau will also appear the same day, on the Modern Families panel, in conversation with Kate Bollick and Augusten Burroughs. It will be on the North Stage at 1PM. For more info, see this link.

Dibbell and Christgau will also appear at an event in Austin, TX, on October 13, and Dibbell will appear at an event in Portland, OR on October 23. Check back for details.

Recent Reviews

Some new reviews of The Only Ones:

  • Lit Reactor: “Bookshots” review by Freddie Moore (February 17, 2015).
  • Cultured Vultures: by Jay Slayton-Joslin (March 11, 2015).
  • Electric Lit: “In a Word, Voice,” by Jenna Leigh Evans (March 12, 2015).
  • BookRiot: “Four Small Press Books to Read in March,” by Susan Rodarme (March 19, 2015).
  • NPR Books: “‘The Only Ones’ Puts a Heartbreaking Spin on Dystopia,” by Jason Heller (March 19, 2015).

Also, ultra-brief:

  • Nylon Book Club: “The Two Books You Need to Read This Month,” by
    Anna Fitzpatrick and Jessica Calderon (March 10, 2015) — the other one is by Kazuo Ishiguro.